CKKM pharmacy – A trusted name since 1965, is a division of RCM health care group, it is one of the oldest ayurveda pharmacy company from Kerala.

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Is Your Body Getting Enough Vitamins and Nutrients ?

By Admin | 10/02/2019

If we start asking people about what they eat and what they don’t eat, the list of things they don’t eat expands in rapid. We should always follow a healthy diet because a healthy diet is the best source of vitamins and minerals to our body. The food that we intake not only provide us energy but also nutrients that help the body stay healthy. The most important of these nutrients are minerals and tiny organic components called vitamins. Fruits and Vegetables are generally rich in minerals and life – saving chemicals which keeps oneself fit and healthy. The only way that vitamins and minerals come to our body is to intake them as they cannot be produced in our body.

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RCM wellness centre – Specialty clinics & Manufacturing unit.

By Admin | 01/02/2019

RCM wellness center has an ISO&GMP certified Ayurveda Manufacturing unit (earlier known as CKKM pharmacy).The unit produces more than  350  different traditional Ayurvedic medicines and patented  products which are sold across India.  Some popular and innovative products of RCM Manufacturing units are chemical free Ayurvedic soap , Chandini. Ayurveda kit for Post natal care for both new borns and mothers. The latest in the range are natural beeswax candles and medicated aroma oils.

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Journey of RCM wellness centre

By Admin | 16/01/2019

RCM started its journey long back in the year 1965 by Dr K S Chandran. But the legacy dates 100 plus years from Mr. C G Kumaran Vaidyar, Father of Dr K S Chandran, the legacy was transmitted from the grandfather of K S Chandran who was also a Vaidyar. Dr K S Chandran established RCM (formerly known as CKKM) 53 years ago to create their own mark in the field of Ayurveda. The main aim was to promote Ayurveda and provide authentic Ayurveda medicines and treatments accessible to all at an affordable rate.

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By Admin | 12/12/2018

We all are being created with complete health. From the early stages of pregnancy itself, woman is directed by nature to expel from their bodies all elements detrimental to the proper growth of the baby. The morning sickness is a protective device prepared in pregnant woman’s body by nature to eject elements that may do harm to the fetus. So never obstruct this craving of the nature. We all love to play in rain! It is because of the instinct given by nature that children love to bathe in rainwater. So never try to arrest the call of nature. To a certain extent humans can follow the example of other living beings around us. As they are destined to obey the rule of nature fully, very rarely do they have diseases. As human beings are endowed with the freedom to break the law, they do have diseases in plenty.

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By Admin | 08/12/2018

We all want to stay fit right? We all strive to lead an active life,  wellness center kochi is here to guide you better. But as a result of our irregular life habits, we all are trapped in the cage of medicines as our internal doctor is not able to work properly to cater the needs of body.  We are digging our own grave day by day by our habits. People who have two meals a day are healthier than people who often drink coffee and have snacks on a regular basis which in turn contribute to spoil their stomach and liver and which ultimately ends up in ulcers and cancers.

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By Admin |  03/12/2018

The nature has got immense for every ones need but nothing for anyone’s greed. The biggest weakness of humankind is that he exploits the nature for his own development but indirectly he exploits his wisdom for his own destruction. Nature has everything to offer but its up to man to use the naturally available commodities to conserve and consume without causing damage to the nature. These are some of the examples which illustrates us how vegetation in nature help us for our overall development. A particular kind of leaf if contracted causes allergy but if the same leaf is consumed in the form of medicine, it cures from allergy .Black Bile in blood can be controlled using another leaf. Thus nature helps us to utilize everything instead of conserving them for our own needs.

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