CKKM pharmacy – A trusted name since 1965, is a division of RCM health care group, it is one of the oldest ayurveda pharmacy company from Kerala.

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RCM (formerly CKKM) Group started its journey in the year 1965 by Dr KS Chandran but its legacy dates back even 100 plus years through Mr. C. G Kumaran Vaidyar (Father of Dr. Chandran), a legacy taken over from his father who was also a Vaidyar.RCM health care is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company with GMP certification has created a seal of quality for its services, established in the year 1965 by Dr. K S Chandran to propagate and promote authentic Ayurveda medicines and treatments affordable and accessible to everyone. Read more


Ayurveda is classical and resembles with harmony of the mind, body and soul for the well-being and better health. We RCM wellness

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CKKM pharmacy – A trusted name since 1965, is a division of RCM health care group, it is one of the oldest ayurveda pharmacy company from Kerala.

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RCM Eye hospital founded in the year 1988 by Dr. K.S. Chandran, as a part of his vision towards diversification in health care industry. Over the past 25 plus years..

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Ayurbliss Prenatel and Postnatel

The postnatal period or Puerperium is called ‘Sutika kala” and woman is called ‘Sutika’ in Ayurveda.

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RCM Ayurbliss spa is a division of RCM health care group – a recognised leader in authentic ayurveda treatments and therapies over 50 years.

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RIHCS is a unit of RCM health care Group.A small institute with a big mission to impart quality education to its students enabling them

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Diabetes is a silent killer disease that has gained a sinister hold on every house hold of our state.

The way we live has changed and so have lifestyle diseases. Diabetes is one among such disorders. The alarming rate at which Diabetes is increasingly diagnosed through our population has made it the greatest challenge to the health status of our country..


According to Ayurveda, Vata dosha aggravation causes destruction of joints due to drying up of the synovial fluid leading to limitation of movements.

Osteoarthritis called Sandhigatavata is the one ailment which when not taken care off will lead to crippling or end up with knee-replacement surgery.

Weight Reduction

Obesity, it is one of the 21st century malady which paves way to lot of other diseases like heart, liver, arthritis etc if not intervened at the right time.

At RCM ,the obesity treatment is designed according to individual needs which combines fitness session and Ayurveda Panchakarma therapy creating a perfect balance between mind and body. Regular sessions are required to prevent the accumulation of fat in later years.


Hypnos therapy is also included for managing the emotional aspects and getting better results.

According to Ayurveda scholars, in skin disease the skin is effected in the beginning, subsequently it spreads in the whole body depending upon the vitiation of dhatus.


Imbalance of hormones is the main reason for PCOD. Ayurveda advocates that vitiation of rasa, rakta and artava channels leads to PCOD. The initial dhatu -rasa when it is vitiated the preceding dhatu transformation will be effected leading to conditions like weight gain, diabetes, excessive growth of hair on face etc. Aggravated Vata enters into the cervix and obstructs the menstrual flow. jatharagni which becomes dearranged is responsible for irregularity in transformation of dhatus.

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Customer Reviews

Dear Dr Shabeena, Namaste and greetings from us. A brief report on our health condition and seeking your further advise. My wife went for a eye check on her glaucoma. Pressure on her eye has drop. This is a good sign. For myself, I had attended a medical checkup yesterday. The previous result of my BP was 130/90 throughout the year after monthly checkup. Yesterday the BP drop to 116/80 (great news for me). I have no chest pain now. My cholesterol level is down low. I'm very confident that this is the effect of Ayurveda. We take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the splendid service rendered. Thank you.

Sanusi Shahnon

I have completed my treatment in RCM Wellness center, was amazing experience. The treatment is really very effective. All the staff were very friendly, I felt like home. I would recommend this place to anybody, who requires an ayurvedic treatment.


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