CKKM pharmacy – A trusted name since 1965, is a division of RCM health care group, it is one of the oldest ayurveda pharmacy company from Kerala.

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Dear Dr Shabeena, Namaste and greetings from us. A brief report on our health condition and seeking your further advise. My wife went for a eye check on her glaucoma. Pressure on her eye has drop. This is a good sign. For myself, I had attended a medical checkup yesterday. The previous result of my BP was 130/90 throughout the year after monthly checkup. Yesterday the BP drop to 116/80 (great news for me). I have no chest pain now. My cholesterol level is down low. I'm very confident that this is the effect of Ayurveda. We take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the splendid service rendered. Thank you.

Sanusi Shahnon

I have completed my treatment in RCM Wellness center, was amazing experience. The treatment is really very effective. All the staff were very friendly, I felt like home. I would recommend this place to anybody, who requires an ayurvedic treatment.

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