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Vitamin Deficiency ?

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Vitamin Deficiency ? Yes we do have!

By Admin | 05/03/2019

According to the recent research conducted and the data published it is recorded that, among theIndians one of the main health condition that created a buzz is due to vitamin deficiency. Almost 48% of the total Indian population suffers from various kinds of vitamin and nutritional deficiencies. Some of the early signs of nutritional deficiency include tiredness, feeling exhausted, Lethargy etc. But most of us ignore or neglect these symptoms and consider it as the result of our stressful job or of busy lifestyle. What so ever the reason might be, the consequence of this on health is reaching high. In this Blog, we will mainly concentrate on the how the vitamin deficiency can cause risk to our health.
We all think and question ourselves on the role vitamins in health, but the truth is that vitamins and minerals are indeed very important. Vitamins play a vital role in proper functioning of the body. When the quantity of vitamins and minerals decreases in our body, it ultimately leads to various health problems. So to lead a healthy life it is mandatory to be aware about vitamins and its deficiency diseases.
Vitamins can be grouped into two categories: fat-soluble vitamins and water-soluble vitamins. Fat soluble vitamins are stored in the body’s fatty tissue – these are vitamins A, D, E, and K. Water-soluble vitamins must be absorbed by the body right away, or else they will leave your body through urine. The vitamin B complex, C are examples of water-soluble vitamins. The diseases caused by deficiency of vitamins can be troublesome. You can determine your vitamin level by having a simpleblood test and you can take treatment if you are deficient in any of those
Here is a list of vitamin deficiency diseases and their symptoms.


Vitamin A is essential component for growth and development of our body. Especially in maintaining healthy teeth, bones, mucus membranes and skin. You can understand that you are having vitamin A deficiency if you find the following signs in you, skin problems, poor night vision, or dry eyes. The best way to get rid of this deficiency is by having food items like Carrots, dark colored fruits, and dark colored veggies are great sources of vitamin A. Egg yolks also have a good amount of vitamin A. Wellness centre kochi provide all kinds of vitamin deficiency treatment at the wellness centre.


Vitamin B complex is essential for our immune system, nervous system, immune system and aids in iron absorption. Depending on your vitamin B deficiency, you may have different signs of deficiency. Vitamin B1 deficiency can cause a disease called Beri beri, which mainly effects brain, heart and nerves. Some of the prominent symptoms of vitamin B1 deficiency are tingling, depression, confuse and numbness, difficulty in speech and coordination and breathing difficulties. Vitamin B2 deficiency has the following symptoms a swollen tongue, sore throat, cracking of skin at the corners of mouth, skin eruptions and itching. Some people may also experience weakness and anaemia, which can further cause more trouble.
Deficiency of vitamin B3 can cause a condition called pellagra. The common symptoms include sore spots in mouth, red, swollen tongue and red patches on face, neck and limbs.


Vitamin D is also known as sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D deficiency is the most common among the deficiency diseases of vitamins. It causes rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults. It also causes softening of bones, which results in fractures and bone deformities. Vitamin D deficiency can also cause bone and joint pain, bending of bones, muscle weakness and difficulty in walking. Check your vitamin D levels and prevent joint and other health problems.rcm wellness centre provide treatment for all kinds of vitamin d deficiency diseases.


Vitamin K deficiency can cause increased risk of uncontrolled bleeding and can also affect the blood clotting mechanism. It is most commonly found in new born babies and rarely in adults. People who are alcoholic are more prone to this disease.
No needs to get panic, these diseases are completely curable by just following a good diet. A better diet can solve most of the issues. Rcm wellness centre can provide you with the required dose of vitamins and minerals needed in a daily diet according to individual’s body.

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