CKKM pharmacy – A trusted name since 1965, is a division of RCM health care group, it is one of the oldest ayurveda pharmacy company from Kerala.

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RCM wellness centre – Specialty clinics & Manufacturing unit.


RCM wellness centre – Specialty clinics & Manufacturing unit.

By Admin | 01/02/2019

RCM wellness center has an ISO&GMP certified Ayurveda Manufacturing unit (earlier known as CKKM pharmacy).The unit produces more than  350  different traditional Ayurvedic medicines and patented  products which are sold across India.  Some popular and innovative products of RCM Manufacturing units are chemical free Ayurvedic soap , Chandini. Ayurveda kit for Post natal care for both new borns and mothers. The latest in the range are natural beeswax candles and medicated aroma oils.

RCM wellness centre has got Specialty Clinics likes Diabetes Reversal, Stroke Rehabilitation, Oncology, Obesity, Gynecology, Skin Clinic, Pre Natal and Post Natal Care Clinic Geriatric (age related disorders), Infertility, Rheumatic Clinic etc.

Diabetes Reversal /Stroke Rehabilitation /Oncology  

Diabetes Reversal, Stroke Rehabilitation and Oncology are lead by Dr Bejoy S Raj . He has got MD in general medicine(kayachikitsa).He has been part of  RCM wellness centre for the past 10 years and he mainly deals with Diabetes, Stroke, Oncology, Neurological diseases, Acute Skin disorders and Chronic Abdominal diseases. One of the key specialties of RCM wellness centre is personalized treatment protocol which has been developed within RCM. This protocol has varying degree of changes formulated according to the conditions like Pre Diabetic conditions, Diabetic management and Diabetic Reversal Program.RCM provides detailed and thorough monitoring of the patients, and has set upped pattern routine for checkups. RCM wellness centre has got a particular plan for the treatment which includes food pattern and timing, yoga, exercise and sleep timing. Dr.Bejoy  S Raj conducts private counselling sessions to bring about mental stability in normal life. There is a holistic treatment that aims at the betterment of physical, mental and energy level of the IP patients (stroke and oncology cases).RCM has got unique and innovative therapeutic initiative that is a treatment technique which incorporates marma therapy and uzhichil blended with yogic technique

Obesity /Gynecology /Skin Clinic

Dr.Shabeena KB leads the following clinic –Obesity, gynecology and skin .she acquires her degree in Ayurveda (BAMS).She has joined her hands with RCM wellness centre for the past 7 years and has the most vital responsibility of taking care of all IP patients and operations of the wellness centre. She mainly treats patients under gynaecological conditions like Leucorrhoea, menstrual disorders, PCOD, pre and post menopausal syndromes. We know that obesity is one of the common problems we find  in most of the people now a days, this is mainly due to the food habits they have. Normally, most of the hospitals follow this treatment for obesity that is managing the Medho Dhatu by cleansing and elimination therapies. At RCM obesity treatment is designed according to the individual need which combines fitness session and Ayurveda panchakarma therapy creating a perfect balance between mind and body. Counselling sessions, Regular sessions and Ayurveda Panchakarma can also bring balance between mind and body. RCM is different in all aspects, we follow a different methodology apart from other treatment centers, we keep a follow up of our patients after their treatment is finished so that they will be able to gain their perfect weight.

Pre Natal and Post Natal Care Clinic

Dr.Parvathy S.Nair (BAMS) has been a part of this journey for the past four years and now she is the production manager of the manufacturing unit of RCM wellness centre. Under her guidance and supervision we have implemented the service called Pre and Post natal care home service. We have a special service of consultation and efficient therapy for the new mothers and new born made available at their homes. The medicines are included in the package of minimum 7/14/21 and 28 days. The package constitutes therapy for lactation difficulties, sagging abdomen, menstrual problems, low back pain, post partum depression and hair fall. For the past one year, we have provided services for more than 200 patients and we have got excellent reviews for our service.

Geriatric (age related disorders)/Infertility/Rheumatic Clinic

Dr.K.Madhusoodhanan hands full of degrees in different fields like BAMS, DAC, Reiki, Yoga MA Astrology, Mphil Astrology and PhD Medical Astrology. He has an experience of more than 27 years treating people with all diseases and lifestyle disorders. Almost all the Geriatric cases are acute and chronic Rheumatoid arthritis, Gout, Acute and Chronic COPD etc. People with age related disorders are given homely foods from our mess to make them feel homely and the senior citizens are also taken care  by helping them in their daily routines. One of the most common problems faced by couples is Infertility. Infertility cases at RCM wellness center are treated under Dr. K.Madhusoodhanan. He deals each case in the safest, effective and in an affordable way. Bringing Medical astrology under his treatment regimen has brought amazing results for the past 5 years.

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