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By Admin | 12/12/2018

We all are being created with complete health. From the early stages of pregnancy itself,  woman is directed by nature to expel from their bodies all elements detrimental to the proper growth of the baby. The  morning sickness is a protective device prepared in pregnant woman’s body by nature to eject elements that may do harm to the fetus. So never obstruct this craving of the nature. We all love to play in rain! It is because of the instinct given by nature that children love to bathe in rainwater.  So never try to arrest the call of nature. To a certain extent humans can follow the example of other living beings around us. As they are destined to obey the rule of nature fully, very rarely do they have diseases. As human beings are endowed with the freedom to break the law, they do have diseases in plenty.

Whenever you feel thirsty you must drink pure water, whenever you feel hungry take as little food as is required for sustaining life, live in the openness of sunlight, sleep early and rise early, get yourself away with all the mental tension and stress. If you inculcate these habits, you will never catch any illness. If we look at other living beings we can analyse that we are the ones who are having many illness. we should seriously look into our food habits and take only such type of food that can do well to your body and shun all harmful and bad foods. Food is medicine and nature is the doctor. That is nephropathy or nature cure.

Medicines prepared out of chemicals synthetically can cause side-effects. These medicines cannot cure the disease completely. In fact frequent use of such medicines may breed other diseases, unaware of us. Certain part of our body can get affected with the use of medicines because of the strong chemical contents in them. That’s why people opt for nature cure and search for Ayurveda treatment center kerala. Nature cure is the method which is purely organic that is the medicines are extracted from the herbs, shrubs, creepers, plants, trees etc. Available in nature can cure most of the diseases.

Nature cure doesn’t mean herbal medicines only; Nature cure involves variants of methods like Fasting habit, Air-therapy, Water- therapy, Soil- therapy, Sun-bath, simple food habits and physical exercise are included in the treatment methodology of nature cure. Natural method of curing diseases assures good health, resistance power, considerable stamina and other advantages. To solve a problem it is very necessary to know the root cause. Same is in the case of a disease, where we trace the root cause and chalked out, which could possibly administer the right medicine and get rid of the disease successfully. Having medicines can cure your disease, but there are many patients they seemingly recover from their illness but still they are given treatment for at least 40 days so that the disease will not recur. Hence long term treatments like nature-cure are indispensable. There are a lot of Ayurveda treatment centers in kerala available for nature care .Some are panchakarma treatment kochi, Ayurveda treatment center kochi , wellness center kochi . They are the leading nature cure treatment center which could offer you the best treatment and service.

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