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By Admin | 08/12/2018

We all want to stay fit right? We all strive to lead an active life,  wellness center kochi is here to guide you better. But as a result of our irregular life habits, we all are trapped in the cage of medicines as our internal doctor is not able to work properly to cater the needs of body.  

We are digging our own grave day by day by our habits. People who have two meals a day are healthier than people who often drink coffee and have snacks on a regular basis which in turn contribute to spoil their stomach and liver and which ultimately ends up in ulcers and cancers. The habit of smoking and drinking alcohol also contribute to acidity and ulcer. White blood corpuscles play an important role in maintaining the body healthy. Lack of certain chemicals pertaining the production of white corpuscles may degenerate the pancreas and thus end up in jaundice. Some people consume excess amount of carbohydrates through their food, which causes sudden increase in the level of cholesterol, which leads to blocking of free and properly circulated blood vessels. When the heart gets obstructed by the proper circulation of blood, the fatal disease ‘Heart attack’ is caused. Our harmful bad habits like smoking tobacco, alcoholic drink and drinking of excess tea and coffee concentrates fat in our body. Obesity of fat or corpulent body is always a heaven of blood pressure and heart attack.

Thus the only solution for this is prevention. Man has to protect his body with diet-food and regular exercise. Due to the rapid change in life style, many people shirk work. Doing workout has become an allergy for men. Many people glue on to TV sets and don’t even go out for a walk. The petty reason they assign is that they do not want to expose themselves to dry and hot weather, wind, rain and other seasons. People don’t know that this ‘couch potato’ tendency may play serious havoc on their health. First and foremost thing is that the person who sits ideally does not get adequate amount of oxygen that a normal human being should get. According to the study conducted, the report says that people who spend time lazily staying indoors suffer from asthmatic complaints, breathing problems and tuberculosis.

If one has to consume 100% of oxygen, breathing exercise called pranayama alone is an alternative. Pranayama is a breathing exercise by which we inhale and exhale fresh air. If we do it for a couple of minutes will help greatly, especially in the process of blood purification and increment of Red blood corpuscles [RBC] in blood. Are you looking for the best Ayurveda treatment center kerala? Then your search is over Ayurveda treatment center kochi is one of the best Ayurveda treatment center in kerala and they are also well known panchakarma treatment kochi.

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