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The nature has got immense for every ones need but nothing for anyone’s greed. The biggest weakness of  humankind is that he exploits the nature for his own development but indirectly he exploits his wisdom for his own destruction. Nature has everything to offer but its up to man to use the naturally available commodities to conserve and consume without causing damage to the nature. These are some of the examples which illustrates us how vegetation in nature help us for our overall development. A particular kind of leaf if contracted causes allergy but if the same leaf is consumed in the form of medicine, it cures from allergy .Black Bile in blood can be controlled using another leaf. Thus nature helps us to utilize everything instead of conserving them for our own needs.

The Ecological imbalance created by mankind has been already proved fatal. We have reached at a point which is the peak time to understand our mistakes and try to preserve and protect nature for our own welfare. We have to develop our wisdom, perception and kind feelings towards our mother nature for protecting from the onslaught. As we all wish to live longer, remain healthier, it’s very essential that we change our attitude towards nature, our protector. We have reached at a point where everyone has to start thinking seriously about certain fundamental factors and principles.

Our body has got its own resistance power, besides strength or stamina. But we must try to prevail our wisdom to keep our body in perfectly sound condition. The main characteristics of good health are cleanliness, sanitation and positive attitude. There would be a sound body, where there is a sound mind! We would certainly have a good health if we maintain a proper balance in our food habits and daily activities. Human body is a continuously working machine right from the birth to death. If the functioning of the human organs are interrupted, it affects the whole body functioning. We eat food to live and the food we eat should be properly digested in order to provide nourishment, strength and stamina to our body. To discharge all the toxic and unwanted things from the body the biological process called excretion takes place, hindrance to this can give rise to strange diseases.

If we consider a machinery working for too many years, gradually its spare parts gets weaken  and damaged . This is the same case when a human body is considered the human organs are working incessantly in sound condition. Once any specific organ get struck with any disease , it affects the whole body and the very system of our body gets collapsed. The human organs function depending upon conjugation of chemical components and biological activities. If a particular chemical component is not supplied, disease related to such a deficiency would breed.

Prevention is always better than cure! It’s better to prevent ourselves from disease by providing proper care and nourishment. The hall mark of a good health is a sound mind in a sound body. To have a good health and happy mind, certain balance should be maintained especially in food habits, attitudes, traditions and customs.

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