CKKM pharmacy – A trusted name since 1965, is a division of RCM health care group, it is one of the oldest ayurveda pharmacy company from Kerala.

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RCM Ayurbliss Spa Institute is a division of RCM health care group. The courses offered by our institute are one of the best available today on the subject of SPA, AYURVEDA & YOGA, which gives sufficient theoretical knowledge as well as practical training. Our courses are specially designed by a group of experts, who are well experienced in the field of SPA, AYURVEDA & YOGA. Theory sessions and practical training are handled by a group of experienced doctors and trainers and is committed to the philosophy of the student-centered approach to help them learn properly. The courses are designed to bridge the gap between the demand and availability of skilled human resource in this vital area of SPA, AYURVEDA & YOGA.


Diploma in International Spa Therapy

Duration : 1 months
Course Code: RCW 002

Spa basics
Anatomy and physiology
International spa therapy

  1. Relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, Hawaiian lomi-lomi massage, lymphatic drainage, thai massage – level 1 & 2, reflexology, Balinese massage, Swedish massage, aroma therapy and massage.
  2. Hot(lava) stone massage, pedicure and manicure, body scrub and body wrap, Indian head massage, shiatsu, facial and skin types.
  3. Relaxation massage – a relaxation massage is exactly what the name means. A massage strictly for the purpose of rest and relaxation of body and mind.
    Deep tissue massage – It is the most demanded technique of massage all over the world.
  4. Swedish massage – Swedish massage uses scientific styles of long flowing strokes to massage. It has shown to be helpful in increasing blood circulation, reducing pain and joint stiffness.
  5. Hawaiian lomi-lomi – Lomi-Lomi is a popular form of massage in Hawaii. It is a healing tradition beyond simple massage. Thai massage – Thai massage technique combines deep massage with stretching and yoga posters.
  6. Reflexology – It is an ancient Chinese art of healing. Reflexologists use various points on feet and hands to apply pressure that corresponds to effecting particular parts of the body.
  7. Aroma therapy – Here different essential oils are using. It works to improve physical, mental and emotional well being.
  8. Balinese massage – It is originated in the highlands of Bali (Indonesia). Balinese massage uses a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure and aroma therapy to stimulate the flow of blood.
  9. Hot (Lava) stone therapy – The technique combines massage with the application of heated stones over the entire body. the heat from the stones increases the relaxation of muscles.

After successful completion of our course students can join in a spa or the place where similar services are provided as a Therapist, Team leader, Supervisor, Manager or Yoga trainer.


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